Parasha Emor Torah Portion

This week’s Torah Portion Emor ֶֶֶֶֶֶאמר is found in Leviticus 21-24.

This post will be covering this weeks Torah Portion in summary. We will cover:

  1. The Commands to Aharon and his son’s (throughout entire portion)
  2. The Appointed Times of Adonai

The Word Emor means “speak or say”. In this Parasha we learn that Adonai (the Lord) commands Moshe to speak to the Kohanim (priests) the things He says.

Right off the get go, it must be stated that it is evident that these laws in chapter 21 are specifically for the priest (the sons of Aharon). Later in 1 Peters 2:9 we learn that we too are a Holy Priesthood as believers in the Messiah. Now it is sometimes hard information to digest in the modern world we live in, however Adonai’s words were nonetheless given to Moshe in those days. Let’s just keep it simple and consider these commandments applicable to the descendants of Aharon.


  1. To become ritually defiled by way of a dead body except those of his immediate family.
  2. To make baldness on their head, or mar the corner of their beard, or cut their flesh.
  3. To desecrate the name of יהוה . Adonai.
  4. No blemished, or diseased descendant shall approach to do service.
  5. To take a whore/prostitute as a wife

The Cohen Gadol (High Priest), because he is elevated among his brethren is to behave in a manner that is above all.


  1. To stop grooming his hair
  2. To tear his clothes
  3. To defile himself by way of dead body (even if his mother or father dies)..
  4. Not to leave or profane the sanctuary in grief.
  5. To marry a widow , divorcee, profaned woman or prostitute.


  1. Marry a virgin
  2. Not to disqualify his descendants

I definitely do not claim that these lists are conclusive. Please take your time to read the passages of scripture and feel free to comment additions or subtractions where needed.

We find the entire chapter Lev. 23 dedicated to the appointed times (Moedim מדימ) .  If you ever wondered what holidays messianic believers are trying to follow or observe through commemoration, this chapter is a must resource. In addition you could find and purchase an easy resource for this as well by clicking here.

But let us cover the Moedim in short.

  1. Shabbat שאבת aka Sabbath Found in verse 23:3 Weekly rest. 6 days we work but the 7th we rest.
  2. Pesach פצה aka Passover Found in verse 23:5
  3. Hag HaMaztah הַג הַמַתזה aka Feast of Unleavened Bread. Found in verse Lev. 23:6 Often this holiday is consider the same as Pesach, however they are two distinct holidays.
  4. Sfirat HaOmer ַהעומר‎‎ ספירת aka the Early First Fruits/Counting of the Omer found in verse 23:10-11 and verse 23:16
  5. Shavuot שות aka Pentecost found in verse 23:21
  6. Yom Turuah ימ תורואה aka Day of Trumpets/Shofar found in verse Lev. 23:24
  7. Yom Kippur ימ כיפר aka Day of Atonement Found in Verse Lev. 23:27
  8. Sukkot סהת aka Tabernacles found in verse Lev. 23:34-39

I hope this blog post blesses you and helps you during your devotion.