Brit Hadasha Tazria & Metzora

After this week’s teaching in the Torah & Haftarah Portion’s we jump right into the Tazria  portion found  New Testatment Luke 7:18-35 where Yeshua ִis found healing people of all manner of diseases such as Tzaraas (aka leprosy).

Yeshua is so profound that the disciples asked Yeshua per John the Baptist’s request, if He was the promised one or should the look for another. In that every hour that they asked Him if he was the promised one, many miracles such as the cleansing of Tzaraas was fulfilled.

He responded with, “Go your way, and tell John what thins ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached, and blessed is he, whoesoever shall not be offended in me.” Luke 7:22-23

Now, one of the most profound ideas related to the Temple is found in the Metzora portion of the Brit Hadasha in Matt. 23:16-24:2 and 30-31.

It was related to the bloodshed in the days of Zacharias. During the strong rebuke, Yeshua confirms that the prophet was slain between the temple and the altar in Matt 23:35. Basically Yeshua is saying the temple now has been defiled, and now must be destroyed.

Now, because we never leave of a portion in negativity. We must remember that what happens in Matt 24:30-31 is that the son of Man will come in the clouds of glory. At the sound of the trumpet He (Yeshua) shall send his angels to gather the elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other!

Baruch Hashem (Bless The Name)! What a great and glorious promise, that although there are those that have failed and the we have not seen the full truth of G-d’s words we still have an opportunity to yield ourselves to Yeshua and be called his elect.