Haftarah Tazria & Metzora

Shalom סלמ! Welcome to The Haftarah portion Tazria תזריא and Metzora מזורא. This week due to the triennial calendar we use for Parasha we will be combining these two different portions into one. I will do my best to consoilidate them in a quick easy to read format.

This week’s haftarah Tazria תזריא portion can be found in 2 Kings 4:42-5:19 and it directly relates to the torah portions when a person has a disease in the skin.

Just so happen that a mighty man Naaman נאאמאנ had secured a servant through war that was a Jewess girl. She proclaimed to her master’s wife that prayers should go up to the prophet for Naaman’s healing.

So, when Naaman received word of this possibility he straightway began the process of getting to the then King Jehoram יֶהָרַמ. Naaman went to his master and it was arranged that he should go to the king bearing gifts.

Now, Jehoram when he heard the request of Naaman to be healed he ripped his clothes because he knew that there was no possibility he could perform the requested task. It wasn’t long when Elisha had hear that the king had ripped his clothes when Elisha was ready to show the mighty handiwork of Hashem to Naaman נאאמאנ.

Immediately Naaman went with his horses and chariots and stood at the door of Elisha. So, Elisha made the declaration of Hashem to Naaman to go and dip 7 times in the river Jordan. However, Naaman was under the impression that the prophet would look toward heaven and pray in the name of Hashem and he would be healed. Straightway Naaman left and did not do as the prophet said. Yet, Naaman’s servants went to him and convinced him to do the easy task of bathing 7 times. When he did he was HEALED! Naaman that day knew there was a G-d in Israel.

A very unique thing happens just at the end of this portion text. Naaman recognizes that the master that he serves, because he serves a false idol, that when he prostrates himself before his false god, that he too is found bowing and he asked the prophet for forgiveness for this going forward because he knew there was no G-d beside Yehovah יהוהּּּ

Another kind of story that involved infected ones Metzorim is found the portion Metzora.

Four infected ones like Naaman, were depressed. They came up with a plan and figured they would put the Aremean’s to test. Without hope they decided they would go to the enemies camp and would leave it up to the Aremeans to see if they were killed.

Now Hashem (the Lord) had made the sound of chariots and war come upopn the Aremeans the night before, so they abandoned their camp in haste. The metzorim decided to take the spoil from one or two tents and then decided to go and tell the King that this had all happened. So the king sent men to investigate thinking it was a trap.

It was not a trap!



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